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In today’s fast paced lifestyle, we often neglect the most important aspect of our lives, our health.  It is my mission to help you get back in touch with your body, and reclaim your health.  I strive to not only help my clients inside the gym, but to educate them so that they may make healthy choices in all aspects of their lives.  My programs are designed around making each client move better and more efficiently while also helping them reach their performance and aesthetic goals.  Everyday is an opportunity to improve and it would be a pleasure to help you towards living the healthy lifestyle you are capable of!

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Brett Murphy - Owner & Operator, La Jolla Sports Club - "Maxx is one of those unique individuals that gets the most out of me when we train.  He can keep me on task while having fun, but most importantly, he has helped develop my core and lateral movement that is essential for maintaining my health and avoiding injury.  I am a traditional weight lifter that does mostly push/pull exercises so working with Maxx has developed my balance.  What impressed me the most was when I had torn my labrum before my first session with Maxx; he would not train me until he understood from my doctor the full extent of my injury.  He asked me if he could go to the appointment with me, met my doctor, asked all of the right questions, worked with my physical therapist and was able to help me rehabilitate in a quarter of the time.  For Maxx, it is a passion and not a job, which is a quality that you cannot teach."

Jamie Colby - Network News Anchor - "I knew I'd see results when I began functional training with Maxx but I had no idea how quickly others would see it too. I'm stronger, have increased stability, greater energy and can't believe how amazing I feel. Maxx works me SO hard but what a payoff. His technique is unique but I'm convinced it's spot on. Thanks for your 24/7 encouragement, articles, travel plan workouts and the compliments I'm receiving on camera and off. And we've only just begun!"


Steve Langenkamp- Former TE for The Ohio State University - “During my time training with Maxx he got to know me as a person and a client.  He designed workouts that were tailored to my needs that helped me stay in shape and alleviate back pain.”


Erich Guetter - Varsity swimmer at St. Xavier High School - “During my experience training with Maxx I felt that he really got me to train to the best of my capabilities and I saw an almost immediate impact in the water.  Training with Maxx actually made me look forward to working hard which was definitely new to me.”


Ryan Rogers - Internship Coordinator at Fitness Quest 10, voted one of America’s Top 10 Gyms by Men’s Health magazine - “I got to know Maxx Holdrieth during his time at Fitness Quest 10 as an intern.  He always had a smile on his face, was upbeat and positive in everything he did, and took great pride in doing any task to the best of his ability.”

Scott Goodpastor - Owner & Director of Cincinnati Functional Fitness - “I had the pleasure to be associated with Maxx on several levels.  Maxx was a former trainer of mine at Cincinnati Functional Fitness and one of the best.  He always approached his duties with a professional attitude and conviction seldom seen these days.  Maxx is one of those rare people who come along in all our lives in whom you have immediate confidence, trust and realize that he is a truly outstanding young man. I could elaborate for days on his qualities and dependability, but words would not come close to accurately describing this gentleman’s abilities and qualities. Any client or athlete would be truly blessed to have Maxx as their trainer.”

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