5 Tips for a Healthier YOU

December 30, 2016


5 Tips for a Healthier YOU

Another year is upon us, and with it inevitably comes the January New Years resolutioners flooding gyms wall to wall. For a week or so, that is.  I don’t mean to throw stones at these people; really, I do applaud the effort.  Without a doubt, a healthier you is a better you.  Thats why I would like to offer you 5 tips for this New Year to make sure that if you are a new years resolutioner, you'll still be in the gym, kicking ass, come next November and December. 

In many cases, we all know what we should be doing, we just aren't doing it.  So, my goal in this month’s newsletter is simply to remind you of what you already know, (and maybe offer some new guidance) on how to establish and maintain the healthy habits you might consider picking up  this new year.  These tips are in no particular order, but as with anything in health, each system affects the other and adding one healthy habit without getting rid of a bad one is a bit like filling up a hole with dirt while someone else is still digging; your just not getting anywhere. 

1.) Develop a Healthy Mindset:


 “The mind is everything; what you think, you become.” - Buddha 


You can’t have a healthy body without a healthy mind.  Positive attitudes begin in our minds and are reinforced with our bodies. This doesn’t have to be a time consuming practice.  Take 5-10 minutes daily to start your day off on a positive note. 




-Gratitude journal: take 5-10 minutes a day a jot down what you are grateful for in that moment.  Don’t limit yourself to big things (family, friends, career); instead aim to be as specific as possible. “Today I am grateful for the flowers on the side of the street for they bring a smile to my face as I am walking into work each morning.”


-Meditation: Take 5-10 minutes to spend with yourself in silence.  There are many different techniques that can be used.  Your breathe is a powerful tool for a healthy mindset. For anyone looking to start a meditation practice I highly recommend the book “Wherever You Go There You Are” by John-Kabbot Zinn. Sit in silence, and enjoy the mental clarity that is sure to follow!  




2.) Stay Hydrated:


“Water is the only drink for a wise man” Henry David Thoreau


While I am not going to tell you water is the only thing you should be drinking, I am going to encourage you to drink more of it! Up to 60% of our bodies are composed of water, so yes, you should be drinking plenty of it. Mind Body has a great articles that lists some of the many reasons why you should be drinking more water, read more here -------->>>>>>>>




-Start your day off ahead of the ball by gulping down a 12-16 oz glass of water upon awakening.  For added bonus, make it warm water with a lemon!  This helps aid your body's digestion and detoxification.




-Aim each day to at least drink half of your bodyweight in ounces of water.  It helps to get started in the morning. Don't wait until the evening to begin this endeavor; no one wants to be up all night using the restroom.

3.) Move often:


“I move therefore I am” - Haruki Murakami


Lets face it, just about all of us could use more movement in our lives.  The average American sits for 13 hours a day, on top of sleeping for 8, leading to 21 hours of the day being sedentary. Any chance you get to move helps! Instead of allocating an unrealistic amount of time (2-3 hrs) a day to work out, simply try adding in 5-10 minutes of movement every hour.  Get up from the desk and take a walk, do some stretching, squat, lunge, push, pull, crawl, do whatever comes to mind and do what feels good!




-Adopt a morning movement practice.  Take 5-10 minutes and aim to move each joint in your body.  Flow through some yoga poses, do some arm circles, get creative.  Use this as an opportunity to not think and to simply move however your body chooses to.  Morning movement improves circulation, boosts energy, and releases endorphins.  Get up and get moving!


-Add in 5-10 minutes of movement for every hour spent sitting.  The key is to not wait until the day is over to add up the immense amount of sitting you have done.  Take action throughout the day, set an alarm and remind yourself to MOVE.




4.) Eat Real Food:


“Eat food.  Not too much.  Mostly plants.” - Michael Pollen 

Eating healthy doesn’t need to be complicated.  Simply eat real food.  Stop buying packaged, precooked, microwavable dinner meals and take some pride in what is put into your body. Food is fuel and what you put in directly impacts the way you think, feel and act.  Healthy meals don't need to be fancy.  Assuming you have fresh veggies, whole grains and thawed meat on hand - throw it all in a skillet and you have yourself a healthy meal for the night. Though it probably won't be featured on the Food Network, I guarantee your body will thank you later.





-Add in one serving of green leafy vegetables (kale, brussel sprouts, broccoli) to at least two meals a day.
-Fruit is nature's dessert; treat it that way!  Spice it up with some coconut whipping cream or almond butter.

5.) Sleep:


“Sleep is the golden chain that binds health and our bodies together” - Thomas Dekker


Our bodies need time to rebuild and repair; sleep is that time for us humans. We tend to think of sleep as a “waste” of time, however, this is not the case.  During sleep many important processes take place, some of which include: forming new brain pathways, processing information, consolidating memory, repairing muscle tissue, and balancing of hormones in the body. Do yourself a favor and get some more sleep this year!



-Develop a sleep schedule.  Play around with different sleep and wake up times (everyone functions best on different amounts of sleep).  Once you find one that works for you, stick with it!
-Turn off your electronics 1 hour before bed.  Blue light from electronics can negatively affect your circadian rhythm by suppressing melatonin leading to a more restless sleep.  To read more click here ---------------------------->>>


There you have it, your blueprint to a healthy lifestyle this 2017.  For all you New Years Resolutioners, bookmark this newsletter for next November and December, you may be needing it again.  All jokes aside, heres to a Happy and Healthy New Year!!

As always, please reach out to me at -------------------->>>>maxxholdrieth@gmail.com for any questions you may have! 

"The First Wealth is Health" - Ralph Waldo Emerson 

In Health & Happiness,


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